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Do you suffer with stress and anxiety?
Are the strains of every day life giving you headaches and aches & pains?

Help is at hand with reflexology.

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Not feeling yourself? Just running a bit like an old car rather than that new sleek Jaguar?

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A course of treatments designed to support you and give you the best chance to come back into equilibrium.


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With Reflexology being one of the most profound stress reducing therapies around, I can create packages for your workplace.

Welcome to Sole to Soul!

I’m Annie,

I am a Reflexologist and Reiki Master. I am not a beautician so, unlike many treatments offered in Saloons and Spa’s et cetera, The treatment I offer is a holistic (Whole body) healing treatment, from the comfort of my garden healing room, with the benefit of only having your feet and lower legs bared.

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"She remembered who she was and the game changed."

~ Lalah Deliah
Sole to Soul Reflexology
She remembered who she was and the game changed.
Sole to Soul Reflexology

Ready to discover if Reflexology can help you rediscover yourself?

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Remember you can only meet the demands of your nearest and dearest, in this modern electric world if you take time, to just be you.